My projector bulb just went out!!!

Bulbs are VERY expensive ($250).  Be sure you are conserving energy by having "Sleep mode" enabled on your projector.  Follow these steps:  Instructions for when your bulb goes out: 1. Email Help Desk with your room#, the NISD# on the projector, and cc me so that I can get you a replacement bulb to have ready in your room for Carlos (Warren) or Javier (Stinson) the AV techs to change out. 2. Carlos comes to Warren before school begins--and usually the very next day--so plan on being here to let him in your room. If I'm not on campus that day, he may not find anyone with a key to let him in and that will delay your replacement. THE DISTRICT DOES NOT WANT TEACHERS CHANGING THEIR OWN BULBS!!!!  Javier usually comes to Stinson early during the school day and will ask Gilbert for keys to your room if you are not there. 3. Take the burned out bulb and put it in the box the new bulb came in, tape it closed, write TERRY CASEY/FACILITIES on it in big letters with marker, and take down to the main office for the PONY* * Main office-ask and they can tell you where to put it! ** Because these bulbs contain mercury, we must dispose of them responsibly.

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Getting your TECHNOLOGY ready for TAKS testing!

The math and science departments will be showing TAKS videos before we begin testing next week--Apr 26-29.  These will be shown before test booklets are handed out.  The math dept will have a power point scrolling prior to their video for students to view if they choose to.  (Have this showing while students are entering the testing room and we are waiting to begin.) Please do your part by ensuring your classroom can receive Channel 68 thru the mounted projector in your room.  Follow these instructions:

1.  Locate your remote controls--you need one for the projector and one for the VCR.          

If you do not have one of these, borrow from a neighbor! If your VCR has been turned off, you will need to reprogram it to get Ch. 68.  See these steps.

2.  If your VCR won't show up now on your projector, check:

-RCA cables (3 colored)  are in the right place--going from back of VCR in to the plate in the wall: the colors matter! Now, try the re-programming steps again.  You should be able to select ch. 68 using the VCR remote (Zenith) and you should see the scrolling announcements.  When you see these, you are set.  Just leave your remotes out for the testing proctor to use on test day.  AND DON"T TURN YOUR VCR OFF IN THE MEANTIME!

3.  If you have a tuner box instead of a VCR, here are the steps:   Check to ensure all cables are connected to the box.  AverMedia Set Up  AVer TV Tuner Box v11 Bottom Line:  Check now/check early! 

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I need a picture for my project!

We must obey copyright law when using images, especially if our projects are going up on the web.  Be sure to read any copyright restrictions associated with an image before you "borrow" it for your project.  The following sites are available for you to use for educational projects.  It is best to give credit to the site and the photographer if it is know.

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Creating parent groups in Groupwise

Creating a Parent Address Book in Groupwise

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Sound on laptop when playing DVD fix

Go to Start>Programs>K-Lite Codec Pack>Configuration> choose the blue one called ffdshow audio decoder. Once you open ffdshow audio decoder, check MIXER and then hit apply.  If this does not fix the problem, you will need to put in a technology workorder.

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Projectors, projectors, projectors!!!

Lots of boxes to sort through!  

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Pump up the volume on your projector

A tip from Kate Montgomery (well, actually her fiance, Josh).  Purchase these devices from Radio Shack: 1 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Male to Dual RCA (Phono) Female 4" (10.1CM) Audio Y-Cable 1 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Female to 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Female "Coupler" He said it costs less than $20.00.  See these pictures for how it hooks up to the RCA cables coming from your teacher wall plate:

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iTUNES account w/o a credit card

Follow Create_an_account_for_I_Tunes_without_a_credit_card2 to set up an iTUNES account on your laptop.  NOTE: Do not enter credit card information!  Handout from

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More sound from the projector

You can hook up external speakers in the "audio out" port of the projector if those speakers have electrical power (vs. USB connection).  See picture:

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