Taft High School – Raider Technology Tips

Welcome to Raider Technology Tips! Thanks to Ann Alexander, former C.I.T., for creating this blog for Taft / Comm Arts Staff .  This is her post... One of the new catch phrases in education is 21st Century Learning.  What should change in your curriculum when you really want your students learning the same skills?   Our students are going to need to apply these competencies in different ways than we did straight out of high school.  Collaboration is in the wind.  Think of the workplaces where our students will be placed.  They will correspond with each other over the Internet, email documents, text notes and work in teams with peers.  The delivery of curriculum to students will need to give them authentic experiences that will prepare them for the digital workplace.  With that in mind, NISD is forging ahead with open access and the tools we will need to make our students successful collaborators, ensuring their success in the coming years. Please notice the pages listed on the tabs and in the right pane.  These will be your portals to accessing different technology strategies and tips. One very important page is Digital Citizenship.  Along with having 21st Century skills, our students will need to know how to stay safe, use proper "e-Etiquette," and in the end, enjoy their electronic expeditions.  The Digital Citizenship lessons have been designed to assist with these goals.  I can come to your room and present these sessions to your students, or you can lead them through the lessons yourself. Feel free to share any ideas, samples, or experiences on this blog by logging in with your district login (click "login" located in the right pane). Let's make our kids collaborators extraordinaire together!