Tech News Update:


This will be a challenging year for all CITs.  This year I am spilt between my home school, Stevenson Middle School and Marshall High School.  My schedule is Monday and Tuesdays at Stevenson, Thursdays and Fridays at Marshall with alternating Wednesdays.  Both Schools received or will receive their technology deployment this year.  This is great news for Stevenson and Marshall who will receive laptops for the teachers, new desktops for labs, two student computers in the classroom, COWs for departments plus other technology equipment such as eInstruction Classroom Performance Systems, Mobies, iPod carts and Promethean Boards.  Teachers will have their challenge to integrate all this new technology with their curriculum.

What’s New With Techology…and Old

 Marshall was deployed with new technology during the summer of 2011.  Stevenson received the majority of new technology equipment during October and December, 2011.  The new technology included new desktops for labs and the library, student laptops for science and special ed., netbook carts for core curriculum departments and the library, two desktop computers for each classroom and laptops for the teacher station.  All teacher stations will also have a digital document camera. -gone are the old overheads

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